Riding in Vehicles – Dog safety tips


It’s that time of year when we start rolling down the windows and our dogs love to stick their heads out the window and breath in all the good smells. I wanted to give some advise/tips on dog safety for car rides. First of all straight to the point, what is the safest ride for our dogs? The safest way to transport dogs in a vehicle is in a crate. It is debated which crate is the safest, plastic or wire. I know many of you like it better and think your dog likes it better loose, but is it really the safest? If you have an accident or even stop quick a dog loose in a vehicle can be thrown to the floor, into a windshield, or worse thrown from the car. We all think it won’t happen to me, but I have read and heard many a very sad story about car accidents and what has happened to dogs loose in the car. I know in my case my dogs are my kids, I wouldn’t let my young kids ride loose and I don’t anymore, let my dogs ride loose. I feel it is not just a safety aspect but a responsibility aspect. A responsibility my dogs can’t take on themselves. It is my job as their mom to protect them. 

As for riding with their head out the window, with the last bit of information it is obvious how dangerous this is. It is one thing if you are driving down a deserted country road. It is a whole different thing to be driving down the road in town with other traffic. Yes most dogs love it, but what we like isn’t always what’s best for us. Please do what is safest for your dog.

I know some dog sizes and vehicle sizes don’t always work for crating a dog for travel. Pet stores do sell dog seat belts. I don’t feel these are as safe as the crates, but they are better than nothing. If you can’t fit a crate in your vehicle I would consider a seat belt.

When I see a dog loose in a car I don’t feel as bad as when I see a dog loose in the back of a pick up truck, but it is still a scary unsafe situation. If you continue to let your dog ride loose and even stick their head out the window, I hope and pray you continue to have safe trips, I wouldn’t want you to become one of those sad stories.

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