Day Care

120 – 34th St. Moline

Do you come home to a dog ready for more activity than you can give them?
Do you have a puppy who can’t make it all day without a potty break?
Does your dog need more human and dog social activities?
Or do you just feel bad leaving your dog all day with nothing to do?

Our loving canine companions need and deserve daily physical exercise, mental stimulation and social interaction.

Our day care provides a safe, structured, controlled, and supervised environment for friendly dogs to interact and play during the day while you’re at work

Dogs daily activities created and supervised by one of the Quad Cities most experienced dog trainers
Kim Lindquist – over 23 years training dogs in the Quad Cities


Click Here to see photos of our Day Care Dogs at play.


Services Available:

* 8,000 sq. ft. of indoor climate controlled play areas,
cushioned matted play areas
* Daily walks along the river, weather permitting, if dog walks nice
* Play groups suited to personality types
* Beds, bones, balls, chew toys
* Separate areas for small play groups
* Separate quiet areas for naps
* Heated and air conditioned
* Biscuits, brushing, petting, massage
* Basic and reinforcement obedience training available
* Housebreaking help and reinforcement
* Weight management programs
* Simple grooming/baths/nail trims
* Teeth cleaning available
* Dog supplies retail shop
* We recommend and sell Pro Pac Dog Food

Daycare fees:

Half day: Less than 5 hours
One dog: $15
Two dogs: $25

* Full day: 5 hours+
One dog: $25
Two dogs: $45

* Daycare Multi-full day Packages
One dog: 6 days $135            12 days $250 + get 1 FREE DAY
Two dogs: 6 days $235          12 days $430 + get 1 FREE DAY
* These do not have to be used consecutively – expire 4 months from purchase date

* Pre-day care evaluation: If I don’t know the dog and there are any potential issues $15

Additional Services & Fees

* Training during Dog Daycare visits.  See our Drop and Train Information

* Weight loss Consultations and Programs
Initial consultation $25
Program fees may vary depending on each dog’s condition.

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All dogs over 6 months of age must be neutered or spayed before trying dog day care.

All dogs must be current on vaccinations and flea preventative.

No aggressive dogs allowed.

Hours of service: 7 am – 6 pm   Monday – Friday

Pre-required paperwork to attend can be picked up at our Moline facility during our daycare hours or CLICK HERE to download.

Kim Lindquist
Contented Canines Dog Day Care