Our Training Method

Our method of training is positive/praise oriented training.  Our program has been described by many who have attended other programs in the area as the best and most thorough.

Three Obedience Training Options for new Owners and their dogs

Contented Canines 120 34th St – sorry we no longer offer training in Davenport

How to sign up for our classes:  Please do not wait to sign up, our classes fill ahead of time. We take 10 new dogs in our Level 1 Intro to Obedience Courses.  To sign up please contact us by phone #309-756-6039  OR email   We hold spots in our classes by payment/first come by payment.

Payments options:
1. Mail payment to Contented Canines – 120  34th St. Moline, IL 61265 (Must check with us first to make sure we have a spot and info we need from you)
2. Drop payment off at our Moline Facility Monday – Friday 7am – 6pm – 120  34th St. Moline
3. Credit Card over the phone, we do charge a service fee for this option.


Cost for our Obedience Classes: We give 3 options
1. BEST OPTION: Complete Training Program: 1 class/week for 6 months = $200 (Potential to do all 3 Obed. Levels, + Agility, Rally, and Trick classes)
2. 1 class/week for 10 consecutive weeks = $175 (Potential to do 2 Levels)
3. 1 class/week for 5 consecutive weeks = $100 (Level 1 only)



  1. Level 1: Introduction to Obedience and Behavior Training – Like starting to teach a young person how to drive.  Empty parking lot / NO distractions

       Focuses on teaching owners how to use positive training steps to train their dog basic commands and how to teach better behavior.  Shows owners how to teach their dogs to be good social dogs with dogs and people they don’t know.

Commands taught: name(getting dogs attention), here, sit, down, stay, come, drop it, intro to leash walking
Behavior/Manner Issues – chewing, jumping, barking, biting, housebreaking, etc.
One night a week for 5 weeks, cost $100

You must sign up for any of our training classes.  Once signed up, we can either email you our forms or you can download the registration form by clicking on  THIS LINK.

  1. Level 2: Beginner Obedience and Behavior Training – Like teaching a young person how to drive on back roads, less traveled roads – moving out of the empty parking lot!


A discounted price ($175) offered to take 10 weeks of class (one night/week).  Owners will attend the  Level 1 Introduction class(if graduate) then move into our Level 2 Beginner class.  The Beginner class continues to work on the commands taught in the first five weeks then adds more commands such as “leave it” and “wait” plus covers how to teach your dog how to handle more distractions so you can take a nice leashed walk outside.


Distraction work: how to get your dog to listen when they don’t want to, they are distracted.


Examples: when company comes to visit, trips to the vet or pet store, taking a walk and you encouter other dogs, bikes, stangers.

Behavior/Manner Issues – chewing, jumping, barking, biting, housebreaking, etc.  Continues social work.


  1. LEVEL 3: Real Life Training – You are now practicing with your young driver to be able to drive in the cities and on the highways.

A discounted price ($200) suggested as the best option. Train your dog through Level 1 Introduction (MUST GRADUATE), LEVEL 2 Beginner (MUST GRADUATE), and then into LEVEL 3.

You will work on all the challenges taught in Level 2 however now the goal will be to do all these challenges with the leash off.  In real life you will not always have a leash on your dog.  In real life the distractions often get hard – kids, rabbits, squirrels, etc.

Our Complete Obedience and Behavior Training Program (COST $200) gives you and your dog one class/week for 6 months.  We recommend this option because most dogs and owners will need this amount of time to work through our obedience levels and end up with the dog they really want.  Owners and dogs must graduate a level to move to the next level.







Kim Lindquist, owner and head trainer, has been professionally training dogs for over 23 years.  You can read more about Kim and her dogs in the “About Us” section.
Our method of training is positive/praise oriented training.  Our program has been described by many who have attended other programs in the area as the best and most thorough.

Our Agility Program is one of the best in the area.  Kim is the most experienced agility trainer from this area.  We offer both group classes and private training.  Our agility program is designed for the pet owner wanting to have fun with their dog up through the highest level competitive training.

Intro To Agility:
Teaches: All the AKC agility equipment and introduces basic foundations of handling/course running (5 week course).
Prerequisites: Level 1 Obed. – some off leash abilities, can get dog back without major issues – any current agility students can take this class, if you are struggling with  anything, this class can be taken multiple times.

Beginner Agility:
Teaches: How to get dog better on all AKC equipment, consistency, independence, speed, etc.  How to do all the handling work needed to run courses/sequences.
Prerequisites: Passing Basic Agility, dogs must be able to do all equipment competently, off leash trained, this class can be taken multiple times practice makes perfect.  I suggest this to all current agility students, that can competently do all AKC agility equipment: All 3 contacts independently of the handler, 12 weaves left and right, good handling skills

Intermediate/Advanced Agility:
Teaches:  Advanced handling skills on the hardest of sequences with Equipment work.  The ultimate agility challenge class.
Prerequisites: Passes Beginner Agility, permission to attend

* Private Appointments:
Scheduled private appointments are available for agility training.

How to sign up for our classes:  Call #309-756-6039  OR  email

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