Our Training Method

Our method of training is positive/praise oriented training.  Our program has been described by many who have attended other programs in the area as the best and most thorough.

Kim Lindquist, owner and head trainer, has been professionally training dogs for over 18 years.  She started her own dog training business, Contented Canines Dog Training, in 1996.  You can read more about Kim and her dogs in our instructors section.

Our Obedience program is designed mainly for the pet owner, but does include training up to and including competitive obedience.  We offer both group classes and private training.  Our group classes are offered in both Davenport & Moline.  Our private training is offered only in Moline.  Kim is the most experienced trainer in this area that will also work with dogs with issues such as aggression.  Most of the Veterinarians and Shelters in this area refer issue dogs to Kim.  Kim has been on Paula Sands Live for her dog training expertise many times, including a whole summer series on dog training.

Our Agility Program is the best in the area.  Kim is the most experienced agility trainer from this area.  We offer both group classes and private training.  Our agility program is designed for the pet owner wanting to have fun with their dog up through the highest level competitive training.

Our Conformation classes are taught by experienced Conformation competitors / instructors.

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Training Programs Offered

Drop Off Dog Training

Private Training Appointments

Level 1 Obedience Classes;

Level 2  Obedience Classes

Level 3  Obedience Classes

Agility Classes