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By Email: ccmoline@sbcglobal.net

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Mailing Address: Contented Canines, 120 – 34th St., Moline, IL 61265


Mission Statement

Contented Canines, started in 1996, is a dog school dedicated to educate our community about the importance of professional positive appropriate dog training. Contented Canines provides the highest professional standard of instruction to educate dog owners about the importance of commitment and responsibility when owning and training a dog. Our program focuses on the importance of how to create healthy (spayed/neutered), happy (spend quality time), and well trained (educate with positive reinforcement) dogs.


  • Educate our community about the innocence of dogs. Dogs are innocent creatures deserving to be educated to live appropriately in our houses and communities. A dog is what the owner makes or doesn’t make it.
  • Educate dog owners so they have the knowledge necessary to correctly train their dog(s) to be good companion dogs.
  • Encourage our students to tell others about the importance of dog training.
  • Help control the pet overpopulation program by educating all in our community about the importance of spaying and neutering. To discourage pet dog breeding and give information on what it takes to be a responsible breeder.


Don’t blame me, train me!



Kim Lindquist, owner and head trainer, has been professionally training dogs for over 23 years.  She started her own dog training business, Contented Canines Dog Training, in 1996.  

Kim gained some of her dog experience from training under two other highly experienced dog trainers, 8 years of working at a vet office as a boarding attendant and a vet tech and from time as an Animal Control Officer.  

Besides the thousands of dogs she has trained through her classes, she has owned and trained 12 of her dogs and many rescue dogs which she has placed in new homes.  She has earned over 100 titles in dog competitions with her different dogs.  She has competed and earned titles in Confirmation, Obedience, Agility, and Rally Obedience.  

Present and recently passed dogs:

“Ayla“ Weimaraner (passed 2009), highest dog show titles earned include:
AKC Conformation Champion (Highest honor), AKC Master Agility Champion x 2 (Highest honor), United Kennel Club Agility II, AKC Obedience Companion Dog Excellent, AKC Rally Novice, Canine Good Citizen

“Reme” Weimaraner (passed 2010), highest dog show titles earned include:
AKC Master Agility Standard, AKC Excellent Agility Jumpers, AKC Obedience Companion Dog, Canine Good Citizen

“Baelea” (passed 2012) Rescued Bichon Frise, wonderful lap dog

“Joe” (passed 7/2015) Jack Russell, highest dog show titles earned include:
AKC Master Agility Champion 2 (Highest honor)

“Sydney“ (passed away in 2015) Rescued Australian Shepherd, highest dog show titles earned include: AKC Open Agility Standard & Jumpers, AKC Companion Dog, AKC Rally Advanced, Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog  

“Dusty“ 14 year old Rescued Australian Shepherd Mix, wonderful farm dog

“Spark” (passed away in 2018) Rescued Jack Russell, highest dog show titles earned include:
AKC Master Agility Champion 1 (Highest honor)

“Kate” (passed away in 2018) Rescued Border collie, highest dog show titles earned include: AKC Masters Agility Standard & Jumpers, AKC Obedience CD, Canine Good Citizen

“Storm” (passed away in 2018) year old Rescued Doberman, wonderful dog, loves everyone

“Libby” 10 year old Rescued Chihuahua, highest dog show titles earned include: AKC Open Jumpers & Novice Standard 

“Guapo” (passed away in 2016) Rescued Chihuahua, a biter, was to be put down, he’s learning to like and trust people

“Jet” 12 year old Rescued Border Collie , highest dog show titles earned include: AKC Excellent Jumpers & Excellent Standard

“Mimzie” 10 year old Rescued Beagle, thought after 15yrs of professional training I was ready to try a Beagle – they can be trained!

“Lokie” 4 year old Rescued Golden Mix, didn’t like men.  I fixed this issue, now he loves them!

“Tray” 1 year old Australian Cattle Dog.

“Kiah” 1 year old German Shepherd Rescue.

Kim has retired from agility competitions after competing for 13 years with many many dogs and earning the highest titles with several of her dogs, she also competed 4 times at the Annual AKC National Agility Competitions with two of her dogs, Ayla & Joe.

Every dog has been a new learning experience! 

Daycare/Facility Manager: Lorie Stroh

Daycare/Training Manager: Julie King 


Moline – 120 – 34th St.  We are located on the corner of 34th and River Dr. just behind Quad City Spring.

This building is a few minutes off the 74 bridge – very easy access for all.  From Iowa you take the first exit of 74 – River Dr.  Turn right on river Dr.  Stay on River Drive until you turn right onto 34th St. Quad City Spring is on the corner, you will see our building on the left just past Quad City Spring.  It has several large garage doors on the street side, the parking and entrance is on the East side of the building, which you get to by the alley just south of the building.