Agility Classes

<span “sans-serif”;’=”” “arial”,=””>Agility Program & Start Dates<span “sans-serif”;’=”” “arial”,=””> – We offer 3 levels of agility training, just like our obedience training.  Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced.  The following are the start dates:

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Beginner Agility:  New class starts: Tues. Feb. 14th  6pm Moline  : 5 weeks $65

Intermediate Agility: meets Wed. nights in Moline 6pm – call for sign-up

Advanced Agility:  meets Wed. nights 7:10pm Moline – call for sign-up

<span “sans-serif”;’=”” “arial”,=””>All potential agility dogs must go through obedience training before trying agility.  You must graduate out of a level to move to the next level.

If you do not know what level you should attend please ask Kim.  We strongly suggest all agility students attend obedience classes also to continue to work on their dogs obedience, which will help their agility.  The better the obedience, the better the agility.

<span “sans-serif”;’=”” “arial”,=””>You can sign up at the building or by email.   If you sign up for a class, if you cannot make a night of class, you need to let me know.  If you are a re-taker, and want to do classes on a drop in basis you need to let me know if you plan to attend a class.  I want to know for sure how many students we will have in each night/level/course.