Drop Off Dog Training

Drop Off Dog Training: 

 * We use positive training methods.  Dog must have good food/toy motivation.  If a dog does not have the needed food motivation, a specific two week feeding routine will be required before starting this program.

* Drop off training works well for teaching your dog basic obedience commands and for working on minor behavior issues (jumping, play biting, barking, etc).  The down side of this type of training is that it only trains the dog not the owner.  We will give information to the owner regarding how to do the training.  However, we strongly suggest after this training the owners take their dog through our group training courses or schedule a private appointment with Kim to learn how to continue to work with their dog. 

* Dogs completing this program will listen to us and behave for us, but there is no guarantee dogs will listen to or behave for the owners.  If you want this program to really work for you and your dog you must follow up this training options with one of our other options where you, the owner, bring the dog through training.

* We offer 3 Levels of Dog Training – All dogs start in Level 1


1. Level 1 – Teaching a person how to drive = Empty Parking Lot/No Distractions/Make it Easy = For Dogs Level 1 “empty parking lot” is in the house/no distractions.    (New dogs start at this level)

            – Commands taught: Commands will be taught in the house no distractions on leash: name(getting dog’s attention), here, sit, down, stay, come, drop it(if needed), intro to walking(does not cover how to take a nice walk).

            – Manner/Behavior work: we will work on inappropriate behaviors such as play biting(not aggressive biting), jumping, barking, chewing, housebreaking.  Please understand your dog is what you                                make it.  Inappropriate behaviors are a result of how the owner raises their dog.  We will work on these behaviors, however, the dog may go back home and go back to the same behaviors you have created.


2. Level 2 – Teaching a person how to drive = Once the Empty Parking Lot/No Distractions is good you go to side roads & back roads = For Dogs Level 2 “side roads & back roads” is in the house/set up distractions.    Start work on getting the dog to listen when they DON’T WANT TO.   (For dogs that have completed Level 1)

            – Commands taught:Commands from Level 1 will be challenged with added distractions on leash such as other dogs, strangers, different places(outside work) and noises.   Commands worked on:                                     name, here, sit, down, stay, come, drop it(if needed), how to walk nice on leash, leave it.

            – Manner/Behavior work: Continued work from Level 1.


3. Level 3 – Teaching a person how to drive = Once the side roads & back roads are good you practice in the real work of city and highway driving = For Dogs Level 3  “city & highway driving” is  practicing in real life/distracting situations.    Goal conquer LISTEN WHEN YOU DON’T WANT
TO.   (For dogs that have completed Level 2)

            – Commands taught: Commands from Level 2 will be challenged with harder distractions than Level 2 & off leash.   Commands worked on: name, here, sit, down, stay, come, drop it(if needed), how to walk nice on leash, leave it.

            – Manner/Behavior work: Continued work from Level 2.

14 Days Training & Dog Daycare: Drop off AM  & Pick up PM 

                                                (dog does not spend the night)
      * Our dog trainers & daycare staff work with the dog throughout the entire day
      * Dog gets to play & socialize with the other daycare dogs all day

–  14 consecutive days (most dogs Mon – Fri/we can be flexible)

–  Drop off 7-8am & pick up 5-6pm

                     –  Daily dog daycare included in total owed at drop off:  $560

Additional training while at Daycare   *Suggest minimum of twice a week*

* Daycare clients are charged their regular daycare fees

* This option is for dogs that have already done one of our other training options and owner wants continued help with their dog.                    

* Most of their training will be done in the daycare room

Cost per day for training (no daycare fee included):  $10


Kim Lindquist our Head Trainer Offers a Board & Train option through her business: On The Farm Dog Boarding & Training.  Below is some basic information.  For more information email Kim at: k9trnr@frontier.com

14 Day Board & Train Options:
 – 2 week board and train Level 1 training= $560

– 2 week board and train Level 2 or 3 training = $490




Private Training Appointments on the Farm:

– 1st Appointment with or without dog = $50

– Additional Appointments = $40

*** SPECIAL DEAL = Pay for 2 appointments up front $80